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Fact: Every single year large corporations like Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and so many others shell out millions of dollars to find out what they can do better to improve their business. 

Why? In today's consumer driven economy, to be able to stay ahead of the competition, you need to know what consumers are looking for.

Proof: When you go to Walmart now, the credit card reader asks you if you were greeted by the cashier, or was the cashier friendly? When you buy a new vehicle, or have your vehicle serviced, you get a survey from the manufacturer. These are just a few examples.
That is what they spend millions of dollars trying to figure out! What can they do to make more of us buy their products.

There is ONLY ONE way to find out what would make us spend more of our hard earned money...ASK US!

Because we don't feel like wasting our time answering everyone's question, they now know that they have to make it worth our time. So how do they make it worth our time? They have to PAY US!

This is when I realized that I could make a full time living from home giving my opinion to these major companies.  All I had to do is find the right surveys that would pay me enough cash to do it full time.
I searched for years. Sorting through the surveys that were high paying and the ones that weren't. After a lot of time spent doing this, I managed to have enough surveys to make over $9,200 cash a month!
The list of surveys I use to do this is here!
PROBLEM: Surveying us after we buy isn't the most effective way for them to improve their business!  You don't have to be a business expert to know that finding
out if they are happy when they buy, isn't as effective as finding out what they can do to make more of us buy.
So how is this possible? Must take some kind of marketing or business experience right? Wrong! This is the easiest way to make money from home today! I don't have any fancy business background or training.  I just open my email every day and pick a few of the following things to do:

  • Taking a simple, easy online survey - up to $100 per survey!
  • Participating in an online focus group - up to $150 per hour!
  • Going mystery shopping - keeping the products and getting paid!
  • Hop in a my car and get paid to drive it all month- up to $1500 a month!
  • Visiting webs sites - up to $30 a day!
  • Reading - up to $50 a day!
  • Previewing Movie Trailers Online - up to $50!

To accomplish these simple tasks I:

Check my email to see what's available for the day.
Find something I can participate in that pays me well. 
Complete the surveys, or the tasks I choose, then make sure the amount is added to my account balance. Then I spend time with my family.

That's all there is to it! I can repeat this as many times I want and earn whatever I want! I am never worried about not having enough surveys to do because there are hundreds of new surveys added daily. I could never complete all of them. And the supply of surveys will never dry up!

You see, like I said above, there will always be the need for large companies to learn about what consumers like you and I want and need. The most cost effective way for them to accomplish this is offer it trough the Internet. That means, you can sit in your easy chair, in your home, and earn a living!

You can take advantage of their desperate need for your opinion and earn a great living in the process from your home.

About a year ago, I was walking out to check my mail when one of my neighbors was driving past.  They stopped and asked me a normally uncomfortable question. I answered it because I knew the answer might make their life and the life of their family a bit better. The question was this:
"I know this may seem like a direct question, but I must know; What do you do that enables you to stay home and afford a nice house and car?
I spent about 15 minutes explaining to her about all of the things that I do that are located inside the members area. After meeting with her and her husband again, I gave them all the details so that they could begin themselves. They now both do this full time from their home!

The best part is that there are four other people in my neighborhood now doing the same thing.  It feels so good to see them outside during the week finally enjoying their time with each other.

That is not the only story I have, I have most of my family members now completing surveys and other things for cash. Some of them chose to do it part time and some full time. 

I remember laying in bed one night not being able to sleep. It was strange because I usually have no problems. I was having one of those moments I am sure we all have. Wondering what we are on this earth to do.  I don't want to make this sappy, but I remembered how good it felt to help my family and my neighbors out.  I decided to try and reach out to others out there who wanted to improve their life. These people, just like you and I, wanted to make a better life for their family. They were just missing one thing and I had that one thing sitting in my lap!

I didn't have any business experience. I didn't have the first clue how to get my information to the masses. After some research, I went with the idea to build a web site. Classified was born!

I was always told that in life you need to have luck on your side to become successful. I really believe in this. Sometimes we overlook lady luck when it is staring right at us. You happen to be in the presence of her right now! No, I'm not lady luck. But the fact that you are here right now is proof enough of her presence. Don't ignore her. A great opportunity awaits you inside!
The demand for people completing surveys is huge. Even with the amount of people working at home completing them, there will always be more. There are hundreds of thousands of companies looking for your opinions. But they don't just want yours, they want everyone's! So multiply that times the amount of companies and it is truly never ending.

Other then our list of the highest paying cash surveys, the difference between Classified and all the other sites is what you get that they don't offer. With this limited time offer, I am giving you almost $270 worth of information that will show you hundreds of different ways to make money from your home! Plus, an 8 week free trial!
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- Laura Cowert
I want to make sure that even though this may be new to you, that you are not scared about being out some hard earned money. I have received so many heartwarming stories from people that have signed up. I would love for you to be the next one. Here are just some of the members comments earning a living with Classified
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- Frederick Harrington
I am so excited about offering you the following bonuses!  I have worked so hard to get them included on my website for a limited time. Limited time because they are not mine!  Special thanks goes to Home Job Group who is offering you an unlimited membership to their site when you join here!  Okay, on to this crazy list of bonuses!
Please make sure when you sign up, that you are committed to doing this. I don't just want to sell you something and take your money, I want to hear about your success! That is why I am doing this. If I just wanted your money I would charge twice as much, (yes, people would still buy it).
That's it! Come join the rest of the members that are already making a great living with the Internet's best, highest paying list of Surveys brought to you by Classified!

I can't wait to here of your success and I wish you all the best!


Amy Taylor
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